ALL-IN-CRM is an exceptional online business management platform
that enhances operations for businesses of all types, including e-commerce and wholesale.

In contrast to other CRMs, our platform offers
a comprehensive array of essential features and tools to streamline your online operations swiftly.
Your staff can access it from various devices, be it PCs, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones.

Leads and Customers

Our lead and client management module empowers operators to efficiently locate specific clients using various parameters such as email, phone, name, address, and more. It facilitates easy communication through pre-made templates for emails and SMS, call management, and a comprehensive contact history of each client. Additionally, it boasts features for address and email verification to ensure accurate CRM entries.

Product Inventory

The product inventory module incorporates a system for meticulous product tracking. This includes monitoring product orders from suppliers, overseeing delivery, unloading, warehouse placement, and sale of products across different websites and platforms, packaging with full process control, accounting for defective items with photo registration, and accounting for returned products on different criteria.

Labeling and Printing

The platform’s compatibility with standard, cost-effective devices for label and document printing, QR code and barcode scanning, and document uploads expedites and simplifies your workflows significantly.

Marketing and Communications

ALL-IN-CRM has its own softphone with all options to organize a high level of communication with customers.

ALL-IN-CRM Smart Campaign works as popular Mailchimp, Mailgun, and other marketing tools, but our system is fully integrated with Leads and Customers. You don’t need to export and import customers to an external mailing system or spend time and money on API integration.

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect company data from information leakage. Almost all existing WMS, ERP or CRM systems run on remote servers in the cloud and these servers are not controlled by your company.
It is convenient, but third-party people are able to access your data and you can’t guarantee your client’s complete confidentiality.
In addition, the cost of these cloud systems is often exorbitant. Plus, as a rule, you pay on a monthly basis per user. If you for some reason temporarily stop business, you may lose all data and documents.

ALL-IN-CRM software offers the flexibility to be deployed on your server,
ensuring that all your data and documents remain secure and under your exclusive control.
With our licensing model, you don’t need to worry about per-user or per-customer charges.
A single ALL-IN-CRM License covers all your needs.