ALL-IN-CRM (CRM) comes with a built-in QR and Barcode scanner that allows employees and customers to use two types of readers. The first type of reader is available on Android mobile phones or tablets and Windows desktops and uses a webcam. The second type is an external scanner that can be used with Windows desktops, Android phones, tablets, iPads, and iPhones, but must be purchased separately.

QR or Barcode can be generated and printed on each product, order, invoice, and other documents. Using QR or Barcode, employees can quickly search for products or documents by scanning the code from a printed hardcopy or screen.

Additionally, the Click2Buy ALL-IN-CRM system allows salespeople in stores or customers at trade shows or showrooms to create orders and add products to them. [AI]









Product with Barcode

Documents with QR and Barcode