ALL-IN-CRM is a comprehensive software solution that consists of several modules designed to provide efficient management of various business processes. These modules include the Main module, the Security Hub, E-commerce modules, Click2Buy B2B & B2C e-commerce, Click2Order modules, the Mail server, and IP phone and SMS service.

The Main module, also known as the Portal, serves as the primary interface for managing all other modules via APIs and Webhooks. It is installed on a dedicated server or VM and provides access only to authorized company employees.

The Security HUB is a separate VM that must be installed for security reasons. It acts as a communication bridge between public customers (visitors) and the Main module. The Secure HUB can have its own domain or sub-domain.

The E-commerce modules can use either standard WooCommerce software or Shopify.

Click2Order modules are designed for salespeople and customers and have their own sub-domain or domain.

ALL-IN-CRM also comes with a Mail Server that can be set up by the team to handle incoming and outgoing mail. This eliminates the need for companies to pay for external mail services such as MAILGUN, MAILCHIMP, SOCKETLABS, or others. With the ALL-IN-CRM Mail Server, all emails and newsletters will be sent via the company’s own server, with no limit.

Additionally, ALL-IN-CRM has an IP-PHONE module that integrates with the software’s Portal. The software includes its own softphone (Explozive), allowing employees to communicate with customers or with each other from any location in the world. Our team can set up a business phone system for any company structure. Clients can also use standard IP phone devices or another softphone (Zoiper). [AI]

ALL-IN-CRM   Schema Modules

ALL-IN-CRM Warehouse Schema Modules

Click2Buy e-commerce for B2B and B2C customers

Inventory management