A call center is an integral component of our CRM system, specifically designed for handling a substantial volume of telephone-based inquiries. Within this system, we maintain both an inbound call center and an outbound call center, each serving distinct purposes.

Our inbound call center is primarily managed by our company to facilitate the handling of incoming requests related to product or service support, as well as inquiries from consumers seeking information.

On the other hand, our outbound call center is employed for various functions, including telemarketing, soliciting charitable or political donations, debt collection, conducting market research, delivering emergency notifications, and addressing the urgent and critical needs of blood banks.

Every employee within our organization has access to our CALL CENTER system. This system is adaptable and can draw from phone lists associated with different campaigns. Furthermore, each employee is equipped with the capability to create and store pre-recorded messages, which can be played during their calls as needed.

ALL-IN-CRM call center