ALL-IN-CRM  includes an own-build Smart Uploader that helps employees upload documents and images to CRM.  Using our uploader you can upload documents much faster and easy than in any other CRM system.

Smart uploader functionality:

    • Standard, file selecting from PC
    • Drag and drop one or multiple files from the PC
    • Copy document from the monitor and paste it in Smart uploader
    • Use USB document camera to snap document and directly upload to CRM
    • Use your mobile phone to snap document and directly upload to CRM
    • Use a computer web camera to do the fast copy of the document and directly uploading to CRM


Advance functionality

    • ALL-IN-CRM generate security link to document or image for public use.   You can send it by SMS or email.  Document visible from other domain and not indexing by the search engine.
    • The mobile phone can connect to ALL-IN-CRM uploader via WiFi