Unlike other CRMs, ALL-IN-CRM can be installed and set up on your own server. This ensures that you have exclusive access to your data and eliminates the need for monthly payments per user.

You can have an unlimited number of employees and customers, unlimited products, orders, invoices, vendors, and others. Each of your employees can have their own login credentials.

We provide training for your staff to effectively use the CRM system. Additionally, we offer training for your IT personnel on software maintenance. Furthermore, our company offers CRM support and can modify it according to your specific requirements.

ALL-IN-CRM is developed using standard PHP language without relying on any framework. This means that any PHP programmer can easily modify and support the software in the future if needed. ALL-IN-CRM doesn’t need the expensive powerful server and can work on cheap VPS (virtual private server).

How you can get started

  1. Free Demo: We have the fully functional demo version. FREE
  2. On-Site Testing: Join us every Monday at the Toronto  “Conference Center” on 6900 Airport Road to play with and try our CRM. Please ask about an appointment. FREE
  3. Server Cost: We can install and set up your own version of ALL-IN-CRM, and you can start to enter your data and use it.  Installation can be done in our VPS or on your own VPS or dedicated server.
    • VPS pricing starts from $35 to $85 per month.
    • Dedicated server pricing starts from $120+ per month.
    • Third-party hosting prices may vary.
  4. Setup Service: Our company can order, set up, and install the server OS and ALL-IN-CRM for you at a cost of $500 (applicable to VPS or dedicated server). This service typically takes 5-7 days to complete.
  5. SSL Certificate: By default, we will install a temporary (3-month) SSL certificate for free. However, we recommend purchasing a Wildcard SSL certificate for enhanced security, which typically costs $55 or more per year.
  6. Full Access via License: After finalizing the license fee payment, you will gain full access to your own server, allowing your IT specialists to start maintenance and modifications as needed.