ALL-IN-CRM has its own inventory management module integrated into ALL-IN-CRM Portal.

This module can be used for any type of business.

You do not need to buy very expensive software and equipment to manage your inventory, ALL-IN-CRM works via your browser and supports any of your devices for browsing the Internet (PC, Tablet, or mobile phone).
You have buy a standard QR-Barcode scanner and label printer. ALL-IN-CRM inventory module will print for you all necessary labels for your items, racks, and shelves.

We recommend using the following hardware for our inventory module. These devices have been tested in real conditions and have given good results.

Warehouse management

A Wasp inventory solution for your warehouse or distribution center can help manage your inventory efficiently by reducing unnecessary spending, increasing productivity, and minimizing downtime.

Stock room management

An ALL-IN-CRM inventory solution is great for handling your stock room needs no matter how small or how large it may be. When inventory leaves your stock room you have the ability to log what employee and/or department or location the supplies went to. Easily pull up historical information of who received what, when, and how much so you know all the details of your stock consumption.

Manufacturing process management

An inventory system is crucial for manufacturers to save money and operate more efficiently. An ALL-IN-CRM inventory solution gives your business the power to effectively track your manufactured products from raw materials and parts to finished products out the door.

Consumables tracking

ALL-IN-CRM inventory solutions give your business the power to effectively manage your inventory. ALL-IN-CRM simplifies what inventory goes out when it goes out and to whom it goes out; whether that is to a job site, a customer, an employee, or a vehicle. For example; know exactly what items went out to each job site and know how much you need to bill for that job. In addition to tracking what consumables are used, you can also check out equipment that will be returned to inventory.

Sales orders and invoices management

ALL-IN-CRM can print Orders and Invoices with a barcode or QR code in the printed header.
Using these codes, the operator can find any document in one click.

Tracking orders sent by transport companies

All-IN-CRM supports scanning and processing of the most popular QR-Barcodes shipping companies in the US and Canada and adds shipping information on ALL-IN-CRM in one click.

WMS inventory management tools