ALL-IN-CRM includes a built-in Click2buy shop, which allows clients to create multiple shops with different configurations. These shops can be set up for either B2B or B2C customers, with each shop operator able to select different product categories, price ranges, and currencies. Click2buy also supports partner mode, which enables salespersons to place wholesale orders for their own customers. Additionally, Click2buy can integrate with standard QR and barcode scanners, and customers can use their mobile phones to scan QR codes and place orders in Trade Shows or Showrooms using labels or handbook catalogs. The platform is compatible with PCs, cell phones, and tablets. [AI]

B2C   Click2buy Shop sample

B2B Click2buy Shop sample

Click2buy product details

Click2buy basket functional

Click2buy login functionality

The Click2buy login process does not require a password. Instead, clients must use their mobile phone or email to obtain a login key.

My account functionality

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