ALL-IN-CRM (CRM) developed in PHP, MySQL, and OS Linux.
CRM does not use any framework, in which case it can be modified by any senior PHP programmer without any knowledge of frameworks.

CRM has a special setting file with dedicated access which checks folders, file permissions, owners, IMAP and SMTP connection, DB connection, and others.
Company Administrator can view and manage DB BackUp, and check PHP settings from the admin menu (see Tools).

CRM uses Jquery standard library, data table JS library, Jquery Ajax request, and Bootstrap CSS. All these libraries increase the speed of CRM and greatly simplify the navigation process.
Bootstrap CSS with Jquery transforms CRM UI to work across different screens, tablets, and mobile phones.

Server Software

  • OpenJDK
  • GeoIP Location OS
  • GeoIP Location PHP
  • Image-Magick
  • IMAP SERVER (if using internal mail module)
  • PDFTK – extract data from PDF form, build a PDF form (if using E-sign, document forms, and others)
  • PD4ML – Java converter for PDF

CRM can be installed on a Dedicated server or VPS machine.

Recommended (tested) server or VPS parameters

  • OS: CentOs 7 or 8
  • Apache 2+
  • PHP 7.2 – 8+
  • MariaDB – 5.+
  • MySQL – 15+
  • Core: 4
  • RAM 16 G (32 G is better if the order has more than 100 items)
  • Min space 500 G

Can be used dedicated server with ProxMox VE

VPS 1: WooCommerce (public, optional)
VPS 2: ALL-IN-CRM portal (limited access)
VPS 3: data server (public security hub). sent secure documents, e-sign, email control
VPS 4: mail server. (optional) IMAP and SMTP. Control panel, DKIM, SPF

Min parameters for VPS what were tested

  • OS: CentOS -7
  • Core: 1
  • RAM: 4 G
  • PHP-7.2
  • Customers: 20000
  • Products: 4000

Tools for checking CRM

  • General resources
  • DB analyzer (check each table)
  • DB backup (check Daily and hourly files)
  • DB setting checker
  • IMAP statuses
  • SSL installation help
  • Super Admin to manage multiple companies


  • WooCommerce Webhook and REST
  • Shopify API (products and inventory)
  • IP phone API (call in/out, voicemail, recording call)
  • IP SMS/MMS (sent/received, history list)
  • Moneris payment system
  • PayPal payment system (in progress)

Business phone and SMS/MMS (optional)

CRM is fully integrated with VoIP phone provider.
CRM has APIs for communication with this provider and its own softphone for calling customers. The client can use standard IP phone devices, mobile phone APPs, or our softphone (Explozive). SMS/MMS can be sent from CRM UI, using email, or using IP APPs.

Email server (optional)

CRM offers the flexibility to utilize any SMTP provider for sending emails or campaigns (newsletters) to customers. It supports up to three different SMTP services, such as,,,,, and others.

Before choosing an SMTP provider, we recommend evaluating the spam score of your emails. You can use popular services like,, and for this purpose.

Additionally, our company can create a dedicated email server for you, complete with IMAP, SMTP, a control panel, DKIM, and SPF. With this server, you can send unlimited emails without incurring any fees for SMTP services.