Depending on the size of your company and the infrastructure you already have in place, jumping on the VoIP bandwagon could cost your company next to nothing or it could entail significant up-front costs.
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. That means your phone will run over high-speed internet and connect your IP network to the cloud. A small business VoIP phone system that’s hosted in the VS Cloud is feature-rich, reliable, efficient, and affordable.
With our VS Voice Cloud, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars to setup your business phone system with all advanced features.  You do not need to have your own  PBX server and spend a lot of money to support this system.

 PBX (private branch exchange) system is the hardware that controls the phone lines and extensions of a company. The PBX system exchanges calls between the internal phone extensions within your office as well as manages the inbound and outbound calls. The PBX routes incoming calls to the relevant extension and creates access to the shared outside telephone lines for outbound calls

ALL-IN-CRM has a built-in business phone module, which is fully integrated with CRM. Your employees can call and send SMS to customers easily and fast. The manager can control all calls and SMS.

Structure of business phone system (sample)

Business phone features


The most Feature-Rich VoIP Provider


Digital Receptionist (IVR), Calling Queues, Recordings, CallerID Filtering and Routing, Routing on Time Conditions, Virtual Numbers, SIP URI’s, CallBack, Ring Groups and more. VS Phone Cloud offers one of the most customizable telephone experience in the industry.


Full coverage of US/Canada for 911/e911


We’re fully compliant with FCC and CRTC regarding your security. We cover 100% of US and Canada for enhanced 911 service.


Phone numbers


We have one of the greatest area coverage with DIDs in 49 States of the USA, 4 Provinces of Canada, and more than 30 international Countries.


Toll-Free number


We also offer Canadian and American Toll-free Numbers.


Keep your number


VS Phone Cloud support Local, Toll-free, and Mobile number portability.




By supporting the most popular VoIP protocols and 3 most used codecs in North America, we can support most of the VoIP devices and software’s in existence today.


Ease of Use


Signup, login, deposit, configure, and call! As simple as that. If you encounter any kind of problem with your configuration, our dedicated technical staff is always ready to help you.


Low Latency


Our multiple server setup allows you to choose a server that is close to your location leading to lower latency in your calls. We have VoIP servers located on top notch data centers in: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Tampa, Montreal, Toronto, and London.


Calls Reports


Detailed CDR also available in xls, csv, sql, and xml.