ALL-IN-CRM   PRO  Public website

Restaurant Functionality

  • Creating a beautiful website using a lot of different themes.
  • Customize selected theme
  • Setup dishes with Title, description, ingredients, and price
  • Discount coupons
  • Discounts for groups of users or dedicated users
  • List of the payment systems
  • Delivery and Pick up services
  • Online schedule Pick Up
  • The line of the customers at the store by online registration
  • Appointments system for Pick up orders

Advanced  ALL-IN-CRM  PRO Portal

ERP-CRM system for management of products, customers, orders, and documents

  • Synchronization with ALL-IN-CRM PRO
  • Build-IN Phone system
  • Build-IN SMS messages system
  • Build-IN email client with realtime email verification
  • Manage products
  • Manage Warehouse
  • Manage orders and invoices
  • Campaign system for newsletters
  • Documents, agreements, pdf forms, online e-signature
  • View all functionality here