In computer science, a data buffer (or simply a buffer) is a region of memory used to temporarily store data while it is being moved from one place to another.
ALL-IN-CRM buffer using for to accumulate a list of products or customers and provide bulk operations which selected items.
The operator can add products to the buffer manually one by one or
using an advanced search tool, the operator can select products by some criteria and add them to the buffer with one click.  Each employee can have his own buffers list.

Buffer operations

  • remove all categories
  • remove selected categories
  • bulk removed categories
  • remove all warehouse locatiom
  • delete selected products
  • bulk add categories
  • add products from buffer to supply or sales order
  • add sale price (%) schedule
  • bulk clear sale price
  • export products from buffer to Excel
  • bulk print barcode or QR code from buffer products
  • sending products details with images from buffer to customer email or SMS
  • print QR/barcode labels for selected products

ALL-IN-CRM buffer list and action