In computer science, a data buffer (also known as a buffer) is a temporary memory space used for storing data as it is moved from one location to another.

ALL-IN-CRM uses buffers to accumulate lists of products or customers, allowing for bulk operations to be performed on selected items. Operators can add products to the buffer manually, one by one, or use an advanced search tool to select products based on certain criteria and add them to the buffer with just one click. Each employee can have their own buffer list. [AI]

Buffer operations include:

  • Removing all categories
  • Removing selected categories
  • Bulk removal of categories
  • Removing all warehouse locations
  • Deleting selected products
  • Bulk addition of categories
  • Adding products from the buffer to supply or sales orders
  • Adding sale price (%) schedules
  • Bulk clearing of sale prices
  • Exporting products from the buffer to Excel
  • Bulk printing of barcode or QR codes for buffer products
  • Sending product details with images from the buffer to customer emails or SMS
  • Printing QR/barcode labels for selected products

ALL-IN-CRM buffer list and action