A POS (Point of Sale) system is a computerized system used in retail stores, warehouses, and restaurants to manage sales transactions and inventory management. When a customer makes a purchase, the sales associate scans the items, and the system records the transaction and deducts the item(s) from the inventory. The system then calculates the total amount due, including taxes and any discounts, and accepts payment from the customer.

There are different types of POS systems available in the market, ranging from basic cash registers to more advanced systems that incorporate features such as barcode scanning, customer management, and analytics reporting. Some POS systems are even cloud-based, meaning that they can be accessed remotely, allowing business owners to manage sales and inventory from anywhere.

In addition to managing sales and inventory, many POS systems also integrate with other business tools such as accounting software, email marketing platforms, and loyalty programs, providing a comprehensive solution for business owners to manage their operations.