Employee groups and teams are collections of employees who work together towards a common goal or objective. The main difference between the two is that teams are typically more self-managed and cross-functional, while groups tend to have a more defined structure and may have a specific manager or supervisor.

A team is usually made up of individuals from different departments or areas of expertise, who collaborate to achieve a specific outcome or complete a project. They are often empowered to make decisions and work together to solve problems, and may have shared leadership roles rather than a single manager.

On the other hand, a group usually has a designated leader who assigns tasks and oversees the work of the group. They may have a more hierarchical structure, and members may be more specialized in their roles within the group.

Both employee groups and teams can be effective in achieving organizational goals, but the choice between them may depend on the specific needs of the organization and the nature of the work being performed.  Using ALL-IN-CRM companies can create employee groups and teams fast and easily.