Address verification is the process of verifying that the address provided by a customer or user is a valid and deliverable address. It ensures that the address exists in the postal database and can receive mail or packages. Address verification software is used by businesses and organizations to ensure accurate and efficient delivery of products or services to customers. The software compares the address provided by the user to a database of valid addresses and checks for any errors or inconsistencies. It may also provide suggestions for correcting errors in the address format.

Address Verification by Google refers to a service provided by Google Maps that helps verify the accuracy of postal addresses. It uses Google’s geocoding technology to compare the given address with the most up-to-date address databases to ensure that the address actually exists and is complete. This verification process helps prevent invalid shipping addresses, reduces delivery failures, and improves the overall customer experience. Address Verification by Google is commonly used by businesses that rely on accurate addresses for their operations, such as e-commerce companies, logistics and shipping companies, and utility providers.

ALL-IN-CRM  address verification module