Email setting

  • List of the employee’s email address which preferable passwords
  • The outgoing account from company who doing this service,  we recommend:
    •         2000 free per month
    •     first month 40000 free, next 2000 per month
  • List of shared emails account:   Sample:
    • can view and
    •   can view,  and

NOTE:  you can have 2 outgoing servers in your CRM account
Note2: You have to send to our support u/p for this account. Our support will do some setup in this account.


VOIP Phone setting

  • phone numbers
  • List of phone Extention,  if you do not have we will create random
  • Group lists sample:
    • sales group ->  account 1 + account 2 + account3
    • support group -> account 1 + account 6
  • Announcement messages
    • Welcome + IRV  recorded message
    • Weekend message

Note:  Messages can be in any format (mobile phone)


ALL-IN-CRM Portal Setup

  • Company information
    •  company name
    •  company phone
    •     Company fax
    •     company emails
    •     company address
    • Company Logo for Login and CRM pages  (Advance)
    • Company logo for a document template  (Advance)
    • Document templates  in Word or HTML format  (Advance)


  • CRM employee account list
    • email (username)
    • password, if you do not have we will create random
    • Employee roles list (if you need different access to CRM for each employee)
    • Phone extension
    • Secure PIN (4 digits)
    • Shared mail list
    • Pre-recorded messages   (Advance)


Public Website

  • Logo
  • Content of all pages
  • email for admin
  • PREFERABLE IMAGE (if you have)