ALL-IN-CRM has a list of different tools which help the company sell products and manage orders and invoices.
Depending on the company’s business model, it can use all or some tools to sell.  (for detail see wholesale section)

  • WooCommerce (recommend) – standard (free) plugin for popular WordPress websites. ALL-IN-CRM is fully integrated with WooCommerce and can work to sell products to B2B and B2C. WooCommerce is used as a public terminal and does not have any private company information. view samples
  • Shopify (not recommend) – popular e-commerce website. ALL-IN-CRM is partially integrated with Shopify using its own application. Can work for B2C customers. B2B customers can use Shopify Plus ($2000 + per month)
  • Click2Order – Unique ALL-IN-CRM tool for the sale of warehouse products to B2B and B2C customers. ALL-IN-CRM generates a unique link for each customer to access to products list. Each customer can get a unique list of products. The modern simple interface gives customers to do order fast and on any device (PC, phone, tablet), view details
    Click2order can be used for partners (salespersons), which can use a hardcopy catalog and scan the barcode from the catalog using a phone camera or mini scanner. This good tool to do orders in TradeShow or in-office Show-Room. Operators can scan the label on the product and add this product to order in one click.
  • E-commerce Mini-Site. ALL-IN-CRM has a built-in e-commerce site builder. The company can create unlimited mini-sites with a custom list of products. Each mini-site can have its own domain or sub-domain. The operator can select products from the warehouse and add them to mini-sites. The company can add public pages (about, contact, etc) to any mini-sites. All process is simple and fast.
    Mini-sites can have built-in payment terminals (credit card, e-transfer, cheque), and a shipping and taxes calculator.
  • Delivery service ALL-IN-CRM has a built-in delivery service. This service helps delivery guys to manage the delivery process using QR or Barcodes scanner, and take photos of packages with location coordinates. ALL-IN-CRM immediately sends an e-mail (SMS) to the customer about the delivery status.