ALL-IN-CRM offers a unique sales tool for sellers, known as Click2Order. This tool helps sellers create orders while communicating with buyers and can be utilized at trade shows, showrooms, or remotely via telephone.

When at a trade show or in their showroom, sellers can use a QR code scanner to quickly add an item to the order. The seller can scan the QR code (barcode) from the product label, hard copy catalog, or even from the TV screen. [AI]

Click2Order Welcome page


Can be used for:

  • Salesperson
  • TradeShow
  • Online individual order
  • Personal discount
  • Custom product listing
  • Click2Order schedule



  • Direct link to the product listing
  • No username and password
  • The fast and easy ordering process
  • Support PC, tablet, phone, and other

Click2Order Products List


Orders features:

  • Multiple orders
  • One-click order
  • Support USB and Bluetooth barcode scanners
  • Product search
  • Auto scrolling listing
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Fast basket
  • Custom image for categories
  • A random image for categories