New unique sales tool for the seller, Click2Order
ALL-IN-CRM has a tool that helps the seller create orders while communicating with the buyer. This tool can be used at trade shows, in your showroom, or remotely by telephone.

At a trade show or in their own showroom, a seller can use a QR (bar) code scanner to quickly add an item to order.
The seller can read QR-code (barcode) from the product label, hardcopy catalog or from the TV screen.

Click2Order Welcome page


Can be used for:

  • Salesperson
  • TradeShow
  • Online individual order
  • Personal discount
  • Custom product listing
  • Click2Order schedule



  • Direct link to the product listing
  • No username and password
  • The fast and easy ordering process
  • Support PC, tablet, phone, and other

Click2Order Products List


Orders features:

  • Multiple orders
  • One-click order
  • Support USB and Bluetooth barcode scanners
  • Product search
  • Auto scrolling listing
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Fast basket
  • Custom image for categories
  • A random image for categories