ALL-IN-CRM stands as a distinctive online business management portal that aids businesses of all kinds in streamlining their online operations, e-commerce, wholesale activities, warehousing, marketing efforts, shipping processes, lead generation, and document management, among other functions.

What sets us apart is that our portal includes nearly all essential functions and tools required for efficient work in the shortest possible timeframe. Your employees can utilize a range of devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Incorporated within ALL-IN-CRM is its softphone and SMS complete with comprehensive features to elevate client communication to a superior level. Unlike other systems, there’s no need to integrate with various platforms like QuickBooks, ZOHO, InFlowInventory, and others. In this case, you can avoid hefty expenses for each service.

The ALL-IN-CRM “Smart Campaign” operates akin to popular marketing tools like Mailchimp and Mailgun. Yet, our system is fully integrated with your leads and customers, eliminating the need for exporting and importing client data into external mail systems.  You can save money and time for these operations or API settings.

Within ALL-IN-CRM,  we have a set of tools and features that empower operators to work more swiftly and professionally using standard devices. The “Smart Mobile Switch” function transforms your mobile phone into a quality scanner, synchronizing it with your computer. This allows you to capture photos of documents that are directly added to the CRM. The webcam on your laptop or a selected area on your PC screen can also facilitate seamless image transfer into the CRM.

If you operate as a wholesaler with your own warehouse, ALL-IN-CRM provides a comprehensive range of modules that facilitate every step of the process. This includes handling incoming goods through supplier orders, efficiently managing box locations, seamlessly integrating products into platforms like Click2buy or WooCommerce, and streamlining order reception, packing, and order dispatch.

An intelligent inventory system is integrated, which automatically monitors the quantity of each product. Additionally, it offers insightful statistics concerning item consumption and its precise locations. This empowers you with enhanced visibility into your warehouse operations.

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For warehouse management, standard QR/barcode scanners can be employed to efficiently place and search products. Importantly, all these functions operate smoothly within any browser without requiring additional software.

Generating QR and barcodes for products and warehouse labels for shelves is simplified with ALL-IN-CRM. These can be printed on standard devices, sparing you the need for specialized printers and paper.

ALL-IN-CRM has a special buffer for bulk product management. This tool will save you a lot of time and help you create lists of goods for customers, orders, and many other operations.

An intelligent action controller monitors the work of each worker and warns or prohibits incorrect actions. Your managers can control who packed each order and each product in it.

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ALL-IN-CRM encompasses all the essential tools needed to set up an online shop catering to both B2C and B2B customers. You won’t require any extra systems like NetSuite,  Rebzio, ShopZio, Shopify,  or any others. 

You can view our DEMO Click2Buy shop right now using your cell phone.

As data security becomes more challenging, it’s worth noting that many existing ERP or CRM systems operate on remote cloud servers, which are not under your company’s control. While convenient, this can potentially grant third-party access to your data, compromising customer confidentiality. Additionally, the costs of cloud systems can be exorbitant.  If you halt operations temporarily, data and documents could be lost.

ALL-IN-CRM offers an alternative by allowing installation on your server, ensuring data and documents remain under your direct control. You won’t be burdened with per-user or client payments. This requires an ALL-IN-CRM license, providing you with greater autonomy and peace of mind.