First and foremost, ERP software is designed to make a company’s processes more effective and efficient. By better managing all the key functions of a company—accounting, warehouse, inventory, and supply chain—ERP software allows the company to focus on what really matters: the data. With integrated ERP software, employees can update the platform with important information available in real-time to all departments within the company. 

CRM software fulfills the customer side of the system. Customer relationship management systems focus on just that: customers. This software manages customer information and captures all relevant details for the company. 

Our architects worked with employees of many companies and created design and functionality based on real requirements and amenities necessary for comfortable and fast work.

This ERP-CRM is fully customizable. We can integrate it into any specific requirement of your business model.

ERP-CRM can work on your computer, mobile phone and tablet without installing any additional application.


Devices which you can use to work in E-CRM Portal